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Invitation to join in the fun! Tired of going around in circles on the same few miles of trails accompanied by lots of other snowmobiling enthusiasts? Consider visiting Pittsburg, NH and riding on over 250 miles of the most diverse trails and scenic views in New England.

Make your reservations early because the word is out, and our local resorts are filling up fast for the coming season.

Come mid-week and ride the trails without meeting another snowmobiler for miles.

See the sights on “top of the world!”

Major change to the club membership/snowmobile registration process.
While you do not have to join a snowmobile club to register your sled in New Hampshire, there are a couple of reasons why we encourage you to do so:

You will receive a $30 discount on each snowmobile registered in your name.

You will be donating directly to the club of your choice as opposed to having the extra $30 for each registration going to the Trails Bureau and being divided amongst all of the clubs in the state.

In order to receive the $30 discount, NH Fish & Game now requires you to provide your current NHSA Membership Voucher number when you register your sleds, or pay the extra $30 per sled registration fee.

There are several ways to purchase your membership:

1. If you are renewing your membership, complete the Mail-In Membership Application and mail it back to the office with your payment. Please be sure to include your e-mail and phone number. These are required to complete the NHSA membership. If you do not provide one, the Pittsburg Ridge Runners will make one up for you. Your membership voucher, cards and decals will be mailed to you.

2. Call the Pittsburg Ridge Runners office (603-538-1142) with your information and use a credit card to purchase your membership. Your membership voucher, cards and decals will be mailed to you.

3. Go to the Pittsburg Ridge Runners website,, go to the “Join Our Club” page and either print the page, complete and mail its to the office with your payment; or complete the form online and use your credit card or PayPal account to purchase your membership. Your membership voucher, cards and decals will be mailed to you.

4. Go to the NHSA Membership website. At the bottom of the page, use the “Click here to create a membership account”. Follow the instructions to complete the form and use your credit card to complete the purchase. If you have previously joined using this system, you just enter your log-in information and follow the instructions to renew your membership. You will be able to save or print your membership voucher. Your club cards/decals will be mailed to you.

Registration agents are not required to look up your voucher number so in the interest of saving time and aggravation, please have your voucher number with you or saved on your phone to show the agent at the time of registration.

Buying your club membership

Buy on the Club Store, Click here!

Mail-In Membership Application

Please join the club where you ride. Your membership provides the funds needed to provide beautifully groomed trails throughout the season.