Riding in Canada

In Pittsburg, our trails connect to trails in Quebec Canada. You need a passport or pass-card to enter Canada. When riding to the Canadian border if you do not want to go into Canada; turn your sleds around before you get to the rear of the customs building by the snow fence. The customs agents have asked that you do not use the highway in front of the customs house as a turn around spot. This is for your safety.

If you want to go into Canada, you must stay on the right-hand side of the highway right-of-way and continue to the Canadian customs house.  Stop on the outside (left side) of the awning and wait by your sleds for the Canadian customs agent to come out and give you permission to continue. They will ask for your drivers license, passport or pass-card and proof of insurance if you do not have a canadian trail pass. You must not have a criminal record. When they give you permission to proceed, you may go as far as the Ditton Air “Club House” (located at the junction on trail 525) near La Patrie, which is about 13 miles from the border to get a trail pass. The “club house” also has a restaurant, TV, plenty of sitting room, etc., and they have rooms and cabins to rent.  There you can obtain a trail pass. Canadian customs are open daily 8 am to midnight.

When returning to the U.S. stay on the right-hand side of the highway right-of-way and stop under the awning at the U.S. customs house.  Have your drivers license and birth certificate ready. US customs are open 24 hours daily.

* Passport or Pass-Card
* Drivers License
*Proof of Insurance
*Trail Pass
*No Criminal Record