• Pittsburg NH Snowmobile Trail Report for Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2016

    The Red, White & Blue!

    Flying the Red, White & Blue!

    The trail south of Back Lake to Pittsburg Village has been packed and cleared of blow downs. There was significant tornado damage in the Spooner Hill area which the trail crew should finish clearing today.

    *Caution* – There is a very large water hole behind the Buck Rub Pub. The Pub is accessible but be aware of that problem area.
    The field between Dorman’s Quick Stop Gas and Young’s Store will be opened for the weekend.

    The Groomers are out on the trails today opening more of our trail system. The trail map that we posted on the last trail report is still accurate other than Malvina Loop is open and ungroomed.

    Pittsburg’s weekend weather forecast is predicting another 4 to 8+ inches of snow for Saturday with milder temperatures but for today and tomorrow we are in the deep freeze which will help to make ice on the lakes.

    The big lakes still have some open water and the lakes that have a layer of ice are NOT SAFE.



    Canadian border to East Inlet

    Good to Very Good – Groomed -12 +”

    East Inlet to Magalloway

    Good to Very Good – Groomed -12 +”

    Deer Mtn. to Perry Stream

    Good to Very Good – Groomed -12 +”

    West side of Perry Stream

    Good to Very Good – Groomed -12″

    Magalloway to 1st CT Lake

    Good to Very Good – Groomed -12″

    1st CT Lake to Back Lake

    Fair to Good – Groomed -12″

    South of Back Lake to Pittsburg Village

    Fair -Packed and cleared of obstacles -10″

    Pittsburg Village to Beecher Falls,VT/ Halls Stream

    Fair – Ungroomed -8+” Trail 20 is temporarily closed from Jct 194

    Malvina Loop

    Open -Ungroomed -12″

    Access to services is available, however as mentioned above snow is limited in service areas therefore trailering is recommended. Parking is available at Coon Brook/Magalloway Road and Deer Mountain/East Inlet as usual.
    Please use caution on the trails. It is possible that blockages/blow downs, rocks and water bars will be encountered.

    Have fun out there and ride safe.

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