• The New Breed snowmobilers having fun in Pittsburg!

    We just love to see the kids having fun on the trails.
    One lucky young man got to see what riding in a Bully’s all about and another young rider is jumping for joy after finding Melvin!

    ” At the beginning of my shift this evening I was going up trail 147 and there was this young man standing beside the road with his parents waving profusely at the groomer as it was approaching.

    So I decided to stop and ask him if he wanted to come up in and take a look around the cab. His eyes got really big and of course he did. and then I asked his parents if one of them wanted to go along and I would take him for a 15 or 20 minute ride to the next intersection or so and turn around and come back through. Alex was delighted to get up in the cab and go for a ride.

    So glad to see the young children interested in snowmobiling.”

    Kevin Lassonde – PRRSC Grooming Coordinator

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